wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2009

a trip to...

... Torun. Torun is located in the north-centre of Poland. It's a city which is nearly 800 years old and has an undeniable charm. This charm catches people and leads them to this medival town every year, no matter what season is. Torun is well-known for its gigerbreads (we call it 'pierniki'), Mikolaj Kopernik (a world famous astronom, which discovered, that this is the Earth, who goes around the Sun, no the other way around). Last but not least, Torun has one of the most amazing architecture. It contains buildings from early Middle Ages, through XIX century styles to modern. Torun can be easily discovered by just wandering around and letting yourself be guided from one suprise to another.
(today me and my boyfriend spent time together in this magical city. He's going to study law at the Mikolaj Kopernik's University there. Lots of love and wish you spent your day as well as we :-)

there was a beautiful sunset when we were going back home (by train)

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