piątek, 25 września 2009

Snow white

These photos was taken by me in Anastazewo which is a picturesque village laid upon the lake. On these photographs you can see my three brilliant 'sisters', who I simply love almost like the biological one. (These one, who stares at you from these photo ;-)
We went there and took some photographs. We entitled these session "the Snow white". Little Ola was a brownie, the older Ola was a black witch and Pacia was the princess. We almost laughed our heads off during this. Thank you very much! Siseczki!

(Tommorow I'll post the next photos from the "Snow white". Can't wait to share them with you!)

(I do apologise for my mistakes. Almost no contact with english language made me less talkative and cause many mistakes right here. Shame, but true, I must confess it.)

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thanks a lot ! you're awesome.