wtorek, 29 grudnia 2009

New layout

New layout was made by me of course, as everything in here. And so am I tiring english language again and "mistaking" (what a world!) a lot. Here in Poland the Holiday were non-snowing, with just a leftovers in the shadows of building. I'm so glad that I do not live in a bigger town or in the city! It's enough for me that I study in Poznan which is quite big. Weekends in my tiny home town are like a cure. A painkiller for all these troubles which are making me cry and driving me mad. Uhh.
During my Christmas I did a lot of ... laziness. It's hard to "do it" in english? In polish, it is VERY possible just to DO laziness. All the time. But it was irresponsible. Now I have too much work, too less time. And I can't handle.
Anyway, I wish I go someday to New York and sit in the Central Park. And have a cup of coffe. Someday.
Keep warm, cheer up!

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thanks a lot ! you're awesome.