czwartek, 7 października 2010

Bo przyszedł taki czas/Cause came such a time

Nad sklepem z firankami
Co ma też ręczniki obrusy i koce
mieszka ludzi dość sporo

Każdy w swoim oknie
po godzinie wieczornej
zapala kolory różne lamp

Szykuje na kolacje chleb ser szynkę
kakao dla przedszkolaków
dla dorosłych antydepresanty

bo przyszedł taki czas
że okno w oknie się nie odbija
a światła lamp choć wspólne
osobno padają na ściany

Above the net shop
which offers towels and  blankets
live pretty much people

Each one in one's window
after the night hour
light colours of different lamps

prepare for supper bread cheese ham
cocoa for pre-school pupils
for adults antidepressants

cause came such a time
that window in window isn't reflecting
lights of lamps tough for all
separately are falling on the walls

sobota, 31 lipca 2010

I love the market

Kocham targi. Każdego rodzaju. Są dla mnie czymś magicznym, kiedy zauważasz zmiany pór roku patrząc na wystawiane warzywa i owoce. Jest w targach również coś etnicznego, antropologicznego, coś, co dotyka głębokich korzeni społeczeństwa, w którym egzystujemy. Szukając odpowiednich pomidorów, nie zauważamy górującego nad miastem wawrzyńca.

Targ jest piękny. Dzięki niemu natura spotyka się z miastem na straganie, piękna i dorodna, za pięć pięćdziesiąt za kilo. 

niedziela, 18 lipca 2010


Never know if it is "smiena" or "siena". All in all, it's an old russian camera, with no opportunity to make your picture be a well-sharpened one. I turned photographs taken by her into a polaroid ones, for fun and with a silent wish that one day I will be the happy owner of a real polaroid camera. I think I will put here more polaroid'a'like photos, cause they look much better then.
We had a very, unbelivably hot two weeks here in Poland, it was 32 degrees day by day, oppresively muggy. Today was the first day of no-hot. It was pretty windy, it still blows very strong in fact. And it's moderate. But for this weather conditions, I turned on my computer today, after a pretty long break. Hope you have coped with this amazing heat. And for you who still try to "survive", I have my fingers crossed.

czwartek, 1 lipca 2010

Photos from Torun

I simply can't wait to share. As I said, I love Torun. I think it could be my genius loci ( a place you know is yours and you feel so good in it). There are many reasons for that, but there is one, definitely indisputable - love.
 (the last two photos show a delightful meal that we had in Manekin restaurant, at the town square; they specialize in pancakes. You can choose any filling you'd like and a gorgeous souce. There is a variety of salads, too. yummy!)

Old photos...

You can say that I have a sweet tooth if it's about old photographs. 
/I know that it tends to be in vogue now. All these vintage stuff, funny dresses, big glasses, red lips and waved hair. It's sad for me, cause I'd never tell you that I love the fashion or love something which is on top. Times changed and returned to the old, good epoque, with which I was always in love (I think most of us were!). I also have changed a little and I already don't think that being in vogue is bad. Oh man, fashion is a really stunning thing!/
Going back to my main theme of this post, I love old things and I love Torun, about which I've already written here. It's magic, I know it for sure. Hopefully one day I will arrive in this medieval town with my (uhm...large) suitcase and rent a flat, and stay. Forever

Here are some old photos taken by some of my mother's friends when she was at the same age as I am now. I wish I was more like her, she's so beautiful! Enjoy. 

poniedziałek, 14 czerwca 2010

a baroque night at museum yard

Yep, this year's Night at the Museum was entitled "A Baroque Night". I live in a pretty small town, it has only 15 thousands of inhabitants. Small but own, I really enjoy coming back here and rest, and going to the markets, strolling with my dog, chasing things in the second hands. In the next post I'll try to put some picuters of my little world, moreover I did some pretty photos in analogical way and I simply HAVE to share them with someone.
But, anyway! The Baroque Night took place, was very nice and magical and worth to remember. Here we go with some photos...

czwartek, 10 czerwca 2010

my artworks

A few of my artworks that I created during this first year of my studies at the Academy of Arts in Poznan. They are not very good, cause it is my first year of drawing and painting instead of playing the piano and learning things at high school. I'm considerating choosing second 'field of study' - ethnology. And I'm very close to give it a shot (not sure if I used it in proper way...)
Anyway, enjoy !

niedziela, 6 czerwca 2010

It's end now, the holiday's just started

but I still have to wait. For better days, more "holidays" days so to speak. And they will come...well, in the next two - three weeks. In the meanwhile, I'm trying not to fall apart, I will develope my newest film, do a few things which have no sense at all but they - well, maybe - they will help me survive next weeks. And after that, life will turn out to be MUCH better. Now, still have to wait.

oh the bicycles gaze
through this colourful haze

środa, 2 czerwca 2010

after a break...

...I'm writting this post after a loong break now. Still not decided what to write there, in what language. Funny but true. We have summer here, finaly, but it doesn't look like summer in any way. Windy and creepy, like it was in november or something. Want to share some photos of... sparrows, in which I've fell in love recently. They are so cute, aren't they? :)

(yep, the last one makes me laugh any time I look at it and start to wonder: where is the head?!)

czwartek, 8 kwietnia 2010


Oglądając te wszystkie piękne amerykańskie blogi zawsze mam chęć posiadania swojego wlasnego, idealnego i w ogole. A jak dochodzi do wpisywania hasla przy logowaniu chęci moje odplywają rownie szybko jak przyszly.
Jednak tym znaleziskiem się podzielę, bo jest niesamowite :)"

czwartek, 4 lutego 2010

miasto / the city

miasto z rulonem papieru trzy na trzy metry
i ratusz co konkuruje z nim o względy
spoglądamy na dachy i rytm kominów
tęsknimy za kimś kto chodził tamtędy

i kochamy wśród szarych wstęg ulic
wzdłuż cichych deptaków
wskroś wronich piór

the city with a scroll of paper three per three meters
and a townhall which competes with him for favour
we look at the rooftops and the rythm of the chimneys
missing someone who was passing these ways

we love among the grey ribbons of streets
along silent pavements
across feather from crows

(This poem sounds not very good in english. How hard it must be to translate poetry! In fact, you have to be a little poet to do that well.)

środa, 3 lutego 2010

9 nominations...

I was delighted to hear that the Avatar was given 9 nominations! People discuss a lot because of that movie - for me it's absolutely amazing.
Winter is still here, still making my nose look red and I've got a sore throat which is...baaaad! My english, by the way, is on the lowest level. SHAME. But it would be too easy to write in Polish..hah; I'm not writing on this blog because "I need", no. I'm writing here to share something with other people from another blogs, which I adore and thanks to them I'm still inspired by many things they are posting about. And my english is still in use! But still bad.
Anyone fancy like holidays?
(is it a proper fraze?!)
See you!

niedziela, 31 stycznia 2010

its been...

its been snowing since the beggining of the january. snowing and freezing. And so far we have such a winter landscape...everywhere. Against this strange season, which doesnt want to go away, I bought a little flower - the very spring flower - jounquil. Is it a proper name for this plant in english? Cause in Poland its "zonkil" and the pronouncination is the same. Funny.
Here are my latest photographs. Hope my analoque photos come soon.

piątek, 15 stycznia 2010

I see me through your eyes...

It is a little silly, I know, but I can't help it: I'm in love with The Avatar. And I'm obviously not the only one who is head over heels in love with that gorgeus movie. When I went off the cinema, I almost crying in amazement. And I did told everone that it was the best movie I have ever seen. It was beautiful to experience the feeling that you don't want to go out from the cinema and stay in this magical world you see before your eyes. Oh I'm still singing this Theme Song, which is amazing too. Tempting, touching and so healing! It was like a cure, the best cure ever. I'm going again to see this. Wrong: I'm going again to EXPERIENCE it. And I do hope they let me stay with them.
Oh God, I'm so silly.

I see me through your eyes
living through live flying high
your life shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
I live through your love

*the picture is from here: