czwartek, 4 lutego 2010

miasto / the city

miasto z rulonem papieru trzy na trzy metry
i ratusz co konkuruje z nim o względy
spoglądamy na dachy i rytm kominów
tęsknimy za kimś kto chodził tamtędy

i kochamy wśród szarych wstęg ulic
wzdłuż cichych deptaków
wskroś wronich piór

the city with a scroll of paper three per three meters
and a townhall which competes with him for favour
we look at the rooftops and the rythm of the chimneys
missing someone who was passing these ways

we love among the grey ribbons of streets
along silent pavements
across feather from crows

(This poem sounds not very good in english. How hard it must be to translate poetry! In fact, you have to be a little poet to do that well.)

środa, 3 lutego 2010

9 nominations...

I was delighted to hear that the Avatar was given 9 nominations! People discuss a lot because of that movie - for me it's absolutely amazing.
Winter is still here, still making my nose look red and I've got a sore throat which is...baaaad! My english, by the way, is on the lowest level. SHAME. But it would be too easy to write in Polish..hah; I'm not writing on this blog because "I need", no. I'm writing here to share something with other people from another blogs, which I adore and thanks to them I'm still inspired by many things they are posting about. And my english is still in use! But still bad.
Anyone fancy like holidays?
(is it a proper fraze?!)
See you!