poniedziałek, 14 czerwca 2010

a baroque night at museum yard

Yep, this year's Night at the Museum was entitled "A Baroque Night". I live in a pretty small town, it has only 15 thousands of inhabitants. Small but own, I really enjoy coming back here and rest, and going to the markets, strolling with my dog, chasing things in the second hands. In the next post I'll try to put some picuters of my little world, moreover I did some pretty photos in analogical way and I simply HAVE to share them with someone.
But, anyway! The Baroque Night took place, was very nice and magical and worth to remember. Here we go with some photos...

czwartek, 10 czerwca 2010

my artworks

A few of my artworks that I created during this first year of my studies at the Academy of Arts in Poznan. They are not very good, cause it is my first year of drawing and painting instead of playing the piano and learning things at high school. I'm considerating choosing second 'field of study' - ethnology. And I'm very close to give it a shot (not sure if I used it in proper way...)
Anyway, enjoy !

niedziela, 6 czerwca 2010

It's end now, the holiday's just started

but I still have to wait. For better days, more "holidays" days so to speak. And they will come...well, in the next two - three weeks. In the meanwhile, I'm trying not to fall apart, I will develope my newest film, do a few things which have no sense at all but they - well, maybe - they will help me survive next weeks. And after that, life will turn out to be MUCH better. Now, still have to wait.

oh the bicycles gaze
through this colourful haze

środa, 2 czerwca 2010

after a break...

...I'm writting this post after a loong break now. Still not decided what to write there, in what language. Funny but true. We have summer here, finaly, but it doesn't look like summer in any way. Windy and creepy, like it was in november or something. Want to share some photos of... sparrows, in which I've fell in love recently. They are so cute, aren't they? :)

(yep, the last one makes me laugh any time I look at it and start to wonder: where is the head?!)