sobota, 31 lipca 2010

I love the market

Kocham targi. Każdego rodzaju. Są dla mnie czymś magicznym, kiedy zauważasz zmiany pór roku patrząc na wystawiane warzywa i owoce. Jest w targach również coś etnicznego, antropologicznego, coś, co dotyka głębokich korzeni społeczeństwa, w którym egzystujemy. Szukając odpowiednich pomidorów, nie zauważamy górującego nad miastem wawrzyńca.

Targ jest piękny. Dzięki niemu natura spotyka się z miastem na straganie, piękna i dorodna, za pięć pięćdziesiąt za kilo. 

niedziela, 18 lipca 2010


Never know if it is "smiena" or "siena". All in all, it's an old russian camera, with no opportunity to make your picture be a well-sharpened one. I turned photographs taken by her into a polaroid ones, for fun and with a silent wish that one day I will be the happy owner of a real polaroid camera. I think I will put here more polaroid'a'like photos, cause they look much better then.
We had a very, unbelivably hot two weeks here in Poland, it was 32 degrees day by day, oppresively muggy. Today was the first day of no-hot. It was pretty windy, it still blows very strong in fact. And it's moderate. But for this weather conditions, I turned on my computer today, after a pretty long break. Hope you have coped with this amazing heat. And for you who still try to "survive", I have my fingers crossed.

czwartek, 1 lipca 2010

Photos from Torun

I simply can't wait to share. As I said, I love Torun. I think it could be my genius loci ( a place you know is yours and you feel so good in it). There are many reasons for that, but there is one, definitely indisputable - love.
 (the last two photos show a delightful meal that we had in Manekin restaurant, at the town square; they specialize in pancakes. You can choose any filling you'd like and a gorgeous souce. There is a variety of salads, too. yummy!)

Old photos...

You can say that I have a sweet tooth if it's about old photographs. 
/I know that it tends to be in vogue now. All these vintage stuff, funny dresses, big glasses, red lips and waved hair. It's sad for me, cause I'd never tell you that I love the fashion or love something which is on top. Times changed and returned to the old, good epoque, with which I was always in love (I think most of us were!). I also have changed a little and I already don't think that being in vogue is bad. Oh man, fashion is a really stunning thing!/
Going back to my main theme of this post, I love old things and I love Torun, about which I've already written here. It's magic, I know it for sure. Hopefully one day I will arrive in this medieval town with my (uhm...large) suitcase and rent a flat, and stay. Forever

Here are some old photos taken by some of my mother's friends when she was at the same age as I am now. I wish I was more like her, she's so beautiful! Enjoy.