czwartek, 1 lipca 2010

Old photos...

You can say that I have a sweet tooth if it's about old photographs. 
/I know that it tends to be in vogue now. All these vintage stuff, funny dresses, big glasses, red lips and waved hair. It's sad for me, cause I'd never tell you that I love the fashion or love something which is on top. Times changed and returned to the old, good epoque, with which I was always in love (I think most of us were!). I also have changed a little and I already don't think that being in vogue is bad. Oh man, fashion is a really stunning thing!/
Going back to my main theme of this post, I love old things and I love Torun, about which I've already written here. It's magic, I know it for sure. Hopefully one day I will arrive in this medieval town with my (uhm...large) suitcase and rent a flat, and stay. Forever

Here are some old photos taken by some of my mother's friends when she was at the same age as I am now. I wish I was more like her, she's so beautiful! Enjoy. 

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thanks a lot ! you're awesome.