niedziela, 18 lipca 2010


Never know if it is "smiena" or "siena". All in all, it's an old russian camera, with no opportunity to make your picture be a well-sharpened one. I turned photographs taken by her into a polaroid ones, for fun and with a silent wish that one day I will be the happy owner of a real polaroid camera. I think I will put here more polaroid'a'like photos, cause they look much better then.
We had a very, unbelivably hot two weeks here in Poland, it was 32 degrees day by day, oppresively muggy. Today was the first day of no-hot. It was pretty windy, it still blows very strong in fact. And it's moderate. But for this weather conditions, I turned on my computer today, after a pretty long break. Hope you have coped with this amazing heat. And for you who still try to "survive", I have my fingers crossed.

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thanks a lot ! you're awesome.