czwartek, 11 października 2012

book of cry set 1.

recently I've been not as happy as I could be; I don't know if it's the weather or what, but still I'm so sad I can't sometimes breathe. As my good friend said: weltschmerz. And in this morning, when I simply couldn't got up because of a small hour and the greyness behind my window, I came up on an idea. Why not make a book of cry? "A book of cry. For cheering up" that's the title. I've already drew a lot of sad myselves. Laying on the bed, on the floor, crying my eyes off, etc etc. And in spite of the fact that when I was drawing them I was completely breakdown they look ... funny. So I'm planning to cheer up the society by realising my tearful idea. Be aware of the up coming floods of tears...:-)

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thanks a lot ! you're awesome.